A Tale of Dreams.

A Tale of Dreams


During a mystic dawn, I passed the gates of Inferno

towards the Halls of Heaven.

I searched for a pure soul; I searched for a clear mind.

I didn’t find anything but darkness, pain, emptiness.


Empyreal eyes were crying.

Wandering hearts were losing their senses.

Angel bodies were disappearing through graves of silence.

I screamed to myself, “This must be stopped!”

And then I realized how weak I was.

I saw my face kept in a mirror.

I saw my feet chained in the clouds.

Is this Heaven or is this Hell?


My heart knows this illusion, but my mind knows the way.

As I try to escape, I understand the world.

There is no Heaven or Hell, there are just

fake faiths and inexistent fairies.

Elias Pentikis, Sunday 28th of August 1994.

Listening to “Dead Can Dance” late in the evening.

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