Human Parody.

Some months ago, when I posted a couple of lines on my facebook status my friend Dimitris Kiriakidis who is a featured musician and guitar teacher, living in Doncaster – UK, asked me if I could give him a full lyrics song and so I did it. I wrote the bellow lyrics for Dimitris and I have given him the right to use those lyrics as he wishes to, making the appropriate changes that best serve him.

Human Parody


Too much devastation, nature’s open wounds.

Too many war cries, humans are bleeding life.

Too much sorrow, we’ve got insensitive of it.

A profitable profession, selling war to blackmail peace.


Too much arrogance, people grow with it.

Too many consumer goods, “Buy it all, it’s free”.

Too much waste, Earth is a trash-can.

A so abundant life, we forgot simplicity.


Too much information, the world can’t handle it.

 Too many lies, people can’t trust.

 Too much pressure, humans want to explode, to war.

A so rigid routine, we lost our innocence.

Too much alcohol, in God we trust!

Too many painkillers, they kill everything!

Too much stardust, it gets us to Heaven soon.

An addicted society, smokes every fashion.


Too much loneliness, people don’t share moments.

Too many tears, human ego prevails.

To much politics, we need to love.

A pleasurable individuality, we lost humanism.


We’re looking for a rebellion, for some fraud to have ‘em crossed.

We’re looking for the misfits, a great target to bump them off.

Hence, we’re looking for explosion of our daily stress.

In the self we must rebel, he’s the one calling in distress.


Elias Pentikis, 25/02/2012

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