Last Judgement

Όταν είσαι δεκατεσσάρων και ακούς heavy metal, ενώ ταυτόχρονα πας και στο κατηχητικό, αυτά παθαίνεις. :p 😀

Last Judgement

Burned fleshes on the ground

something is coming now.

It’s death who is gonna get

our bodies down to hell.

There the flames will burn us

and the devils will dance around us

The ravens will eat our liver

and in our heads we’ll have high fever.

Many tortures will become

until his freedom will come

He will have light on his head

and he will bless us with his hand.

Don’t worry, don’t cry Devil isn’t here,

you must be happy Lord is near.

All the faithfuls will be survived

but the unfaithfuls will be cursed.

The salvation is coming on

and Hell’s destroy is going on.

The Sun is rising again

Hell is now far away.

The gates of Paradise are opening for us.

Lord will be protecting us.

Ηλίας Πεντίκης, 1990

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